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"Maya & Filippo Look for Whales"

WINNER of the 2014 Readers' Favorite Book Award Contest!

Maya and Filippo visit Ketchikan in Alaska. They go to the Totem Pole Park and learn about the Salmon Chief. They explore Creek Street and watch salmon run upstream. But all Maya wants is to see a whale. The kids find an unusual way to try to make her dream come true. But will it work?

Maya and Filippo Look for Whales by Alinka Rutkowska is another story in the adventures of Maya and Filippo as they travel around the world with their parents aboard the beautiful ship, the Fun Princess. This time, the kids travel to Ketchikan, a port in Alaska. As usual, the spirited kids are ready for adventure and their first stop is a Saxman Native Village that is beautiful beyond anything they have ever seen. The tour guide shows them many amazing features and tells them interesting legends of Alaska. The kids, however, really want to see whales and while they listened to the tales from the tour guide, they learned a very important lesson about the power of positive thinking. 

Maya and Filippo Look for Whales is another amazing story in the adventures of Maya and Filippo and once again Alinka Rutkowska delivers another incredible book for kids that is both fun to read and very educational. The vivid illustrations will keep kids focused while he/she reads the story and takes in the message at the centre of it all. The writing style is very simple and child-friendly, and the story is very interesting, as are all the previous stories in the Maya and Filippo series. It is an easy and fun way to teach your kid about important values and qualities. Alinka Rutkowska's incredible writing skills come out in the way the book teaches very important life values and lessons, but in a way that is very easy for the kids relate to and comprehend.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Faridah Nassozi , Readers' Favorite

Maya & Filippo Look for Whales by Alinka Rutkowska is one of the books in the delightful series of Maya & Filippo adventures. This book will encourage children to travel, discover new things, and be adventurous. Maya and Filippo are brother and sister, and also the best of friends. They love traveling along with their parents and cat Otello all over the world in their ship, the Fun Princess. They like to explore and do different things every day while traveling. This book takes young readers on a trip to Alaska and they learn about the culture, food, and important things to see in Saxman Native Village, a place in Ketchikan, Alaska.

Readers are told about the myths and stories surrounding totem poles in Alaska, which are informative and educational. The book, on the whole, is an educational trip. These kinds of story books will give children a lot of information about diverse topics. Books for children are incomplete without pictures. The illustrations in this book are bright and colorful and attract children towards the story. The characters gain life and momentum with the help of the illustrations. The joyful vibe that surrounds the story is good for children.I would recommend the book to be added to personal collections and also be kept in school libraries. Teachers can use it for read-aloud sessions in classrooms as it introduces a lot of new things to children. The fun of travelling and discovering new places is made even more interesting through this story.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Mamta Madhavan, Readers' Favorite

In Maya & Filippo Look for Whales, author Alinka Rutkowska sends her adventuring family up to Alaska. Maya and Filippo live on the Fun Princess, a cruise ship, with their parents and cat. They travel all over the world, and the kids have adventures in every port. This time, they're visiting Ketchikan, the first port of call in Alaska. Maya and Filippo tour the town and learn about the history and stories carved into the totem poles they see. They also learn about the salmon in the water and hear a mythological tale about the Salmon Chief. Maya really wants to see a whale, and Filippo advises that she visualize seeing one. She pictures it and, suddenly, the two kids are invited on a whale cruise where Maya's wish comes true.

Alinka Rutkowska's children's book has a geography lesson hidden within it that will please both kids and their parents. The illustrations by Konrad Checinski are both fun and educational, and include a map of Alaska and a drawing of a whale complete with baleen. Their understated simplicity is quite elegant and should encourage artistic kids to try their own hand at drawing. I particularly enjoyed the mythological story of the fisherman and his meeting with the Salmon Chief. There's also a great message in the tale about the power of visualization. Maya & Filippo Look for Whales is a picture book that illustrates how learning and having adventures can be fun, and it's highly recommended.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite

Maya & Filippo Look for Whales is a delightful storybook for children. It is colorfully illustrated and it educates children about Alaska. This travel log involves Maya and Filippo who are brother and sister. They take a cruise on a cruise ship called the “Fun Princess.” This ship docks at Ketchikan in Alaska. They are both wondering what kind of fish they would love to see on their tour. Both of them really wanted to see a whale! They got more than they bargained for. They were fortunate to see totem poles in a village called Saxman Native Village. Filippo was very excited when he saw the totem poles but Maya was not enthused. She only wanted to see a whale. Whilst on the tour, the tour guide explained the story of the Salmon Chief. It involved a fisherman who used his imagination to pretend that he was catching a lot of fish. The reality was the opposite for him at that time. Eventually, the fisherman was successful and caught a lot of fish. According to Miss Rutkowska, Maya then used her imagination to pretend that she was seeing a whale. Eventually, Maya and Filippo went on an excursion to watch whales in Snow Passage.Maya & Filippo Look for Whales is a positive children’s book. It relates the travel experiences of the two main characters, thereby enticing readers to consider travelling to Alaska in the future. I love the colorful illustrations. It is evident that Miss Rutkowska loves to travel as well because everyone in the story is smiling. This attention to detail actually makes the book rather appealing to all readers. The theme is a simple one based on the joys of travel as a family affair. There is a moral embedded in the story. In essence, the pages reveal that if you maintain a positive outlook in life, your dreams may actually come true. According to Miss Rutkowska, Maya had a so-called “aha” moment and copied the actions of the fisherman that she heard about in the totem pole fable. This speaks volumes from a psychological standpoint because in these current harsh economic times, it is imperative to stay focused and maintain a positive outlook in life. I appreciate the fact that this simple children’s book contains this important value system for all readers to adopt in their daily lives. I highly recommend this book to all readers, especially those with small children who enjoy reading or listening to stories.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Valerie Rouse, Readers' Favorite

Children can enjoy a brief look at an Alaskan town and learn a little about Eskimo culture in Maya & Filippo Look for Whales, written by Alinka Rutkowska and illustrated by Konrad Checinski. This is another short children’s story in a delightful series that provides a look at different places and cultures around the world while working in a positive message. Maya and Filippo, a sister and brother, live with their parents on board a cruise ship that travels the world. This stop is in Ketchikan, Alaska, where the children see totem poles and hear a legend about the ‘Salmon King.’ Maya is more interested in seeing a whale, so she tries visualizing spotting a whale, just like the fisherman in the native story. As luck would have it, she and Filippo are then able to go out on a whale watching excursion and Maya’s wish comes true. 

Reading to children is a wonderful practice, especially with a story like Maya & Filippo Look for Whales. Not only can you spend quality time with a child, the child is exposed to places and things they might never have the opportunity to see, and they hear a subtle message about the power of positive thinking. Alinka Rutkowska has a special flair for telling stories that are fun and educational and provide an understated lesson designed to help children grow up as caring, concerned and self-reliant people. Whether it is a question of getting along with other people or treating the environment carefully, Maya and Filippo show children positive ways of dealing with all kinds of issues.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Melinda Hills, Readers' Favorite

"Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway"

WINNER of the 2014 Readers' Favorite Book Award Contest!

The children explore Skagway. Maya takes a ride on a train. Filippo goes to the playground but the day does not go his way. Finally the kids’ paths cross and the family goes together for a hike in the forest but they are not the only ones on the trail. Maya and Filippo observe how things change depending on what they focus on.

Sister and brother, Maya and Filippo, live on board a cruise ship with their parents. As the ship sails around the world, the children have the opportunity to see many wonderful places and learn about different ways of life. In Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway by Alinka Rutkowska, Maya joins her mother for a train ride into the mountains. Filippo is in a bad mood and goes to the playground with his father. As things get worse for Filippo, his father suggests that he can ‘turn it around.’ Filippo learns a valuable lesson – instead of focusing on the negative, he looks for the positive and ends up feeling much happier. Back together at the ship, the family decides to hike to a nearby lake. Again, Filippo ‘turns it around’ when he and Maya come across a wild bear. They sing a cheerful song to keep from being afraid and the bear runs away. On the way back to the ship, both children talk about the wonderful day while their parents are grateful for the tremendous opportunities and lessons available to the children.

Alinka Rutkowska and Konrad Checinski have teamed up and created another wonderful children’s story. Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway is not only a great story full of object lessons for young boys and girls, it also provides interesting information about Skagway, the Gold Rush, and Alaska. There is also a quiz to check comprehension of the story and a section of facts that provide additional background on the places and things mentioned in the story. This is a great book to share with a child!

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Melinda Hills, Readers' Favorite

Alinka Rutkowska and Konrad Checinski have done it again in Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway. Maya and Filippo travel all over the world with their mom, dad, and their cat named Otello on a ship called the Fun Princess. They see many wonderful sights and always learn valuable lessons. When the Fun Princess docks along the coast of Skagway, Alaska, everyone but Filippo is eager to see the sights of a frontier town that boomed, almost overnight, in 1898 when two men found gold. Because Filippo is in such a foul mood, Maya and her mother board the White Pass train and enjoy a fantastic day of beautiful vistas and bright sunshine, but Filippo stays with his dad and goes to the park. Filippo’s sour day only gets worse when it starts to rain and then he spills hot chocolate on himself. “Don’t let a few drops spoil your day. You can turn it around, Filippo,” his dad tells him. Will Filippo be able to turn his day in Skagway around or will the whole trip be ruined for him? Find out what happens and then ace the quiz at the back of the book. There are also some interesting facts about Skagway to add to the lessons that Maya and Filippo learn.

The simple lessons and bright colors of Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway are a continuation of the already brilliant series written by Alinka Rutkowska and illustrated by Konrad Checinski. The new sights that they explore and the fun facts that are discovered about places all over the world spur the imagination of children who read their books. The simple yet profound lessons that are learned are ones that ought to stick with them throughout their lives and are an excellent reminder even to adults. The colorful illustrations grab your attention and make the story come alive. Simple, colorful and profound, Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway will brighten your day and help you turn it around.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Bil Howard, Readers' Favorite

Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway is a children’s book written by Alinka Rutkowska and illustrated by Konrad Cechinski. Maya and Filippo live on a cruise ship with their parents and their cat, Otello. They travel around the world and have many different adventures together. The family is visiting Skagway, a small town in Alaska that was historically a gold-mining town. Maya’s mother lists the things they can do in Skagway, which include taking the White Pass Train ride, going to the playground or taking a hike. Maya wants to take the train ride, but Filippo doesn’t know what he wants to do. Their mother suggests that Maya ride the train with her while Filippo goes to the playground with their father. The train ride is a lot of fun, but Filippo becomes upset when it starts raining at the playground. When his father takes him for a hot chocolate, Filippo spills it on his clothing. The whole day seems to be spoiled until his father suggests that looking at the day differently might make it better.

Alinka Rutkowska’s children’s book, Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway, is an enjoyable tale filled with information about the natural beauty found near Skagway in Alaska. Konrad Checinski’s illustrations make the old mining town and its environs come to life. As with the other books in the Maya & Filippo series, Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway makes learning geography fun and interesting. There’s also a great hiking adventure to Lower Lake in the book, where Maya and Filippo get to see the wildlife. This is a real hike as the appendix to the book indicates that bears do live in the woods there. There’s also a lesson in the story about making the best of a situation when things don’t work out perfectly. Sometimes things get even better when you do make the necessary attitude adjustment. Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway has a message, teaches a little geography, and entertains all at once, and it’s recommended reading.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite

Maya and Filippo Separate in Skagway by Alinka Rutkowska is another brilliant adventure in the life of the brother and sister. They live aboard a cruise ship with their parents and their pet cat. The Fun Princess soon arrives at the port of Skagway in Alaska. The siblings separate and Maya goes with her mom while Filippo goes with his dad. Maya and mum set off on a train ride and are soon having fun. Filippo thinks that his day is a disaster but his dad helps him to see the best of the situations that they find themselves in. On this particular adventure, it would seem that Filippo does learn to turn things around and manages to see something good come from a bad situation. 

Alinka Rutkowska delivers another excellent children's book. Maya and Filippo Separate in Skagway is fun and interesting. This book was a little different as each sibling had their own adventure. Filippo did learn how to see things in a different way which I found to be a good message for children. The author included a cute little quiz at the end of the book. This is fun and unique and is a learning exercise that benefits the reader. The concept is original and different to other books in the same genre and this is what makes the book stand out. The illustrations are lovely and they draw the reader in from the start. Overall, this is a lovely story and well written.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Lisa Jones, Readers' Favorite

As readers are sure to do in the future, I’ve followed along with Maya and Filippo on a few of their adventures of late. This time, with Maya & Filippo Separate in Skagway, by Alinka Rutkowska, I joined Maya and Filippo, two children who live on a ship at sea with their parents and cat, Otello, to visit Skagway, Alaska. Here, for the first time, the siblings, also best friends, separate for the day. Maya and Mom take a train trip on the White Pass, while Filippo, experiencing a difficult day, goes with Dad to the playground. First, Filippo gets rained upon —but that is just the beginning of his troubles. Even so, he learns something important along the way, a lesson worth sharing with young readers: no day is so bad that it cannot turn around and things look better when one is not grumpy and complaining. 

The illustrations by Konrad Checinski are delightful, bold and colorful. The story urges young readers to follow along and perhaps even to create adventures of their own. This time youngsters will visit Skagway, learn a little something about the White Pass, and about hiking in bear country. Following the story, teachers and parents can test children’s comprehension and can share further information with them about the Alaska Gold Rush and about safe hiking practices. All aboard, young readers! Next stop: Skagway, Alaska. Don’t forget to bring along your sense of fun and adventure! 

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Patricia Reding, Readers' Favorite

"Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle"

5 STARS from Readers' Favorite Book Reviews!

Maya and Filippo go on a tour of Seattle. They visit the Pike Place Market and go up the Space Needle. They talk to local fishmongers, to a businessman, to their bus driver and to their mother. They discover that jobs are not always linked with happiness.

Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle is another amazing book for kids in the Maya & Filippo series by Alinka Rutkowska. Siblings Maya and Filippo who live on their cruise ship the Fun Princess, and travel the world with their parents and cat Otello, have discovered many interesting places and learned many new things. This time the Fun Princess takes them to Seattle and once again they are in for an incredible adventure. A tour bus takes them around to see the beauty of Seattle and, as they enjoy the splendor of the city, they get to expand their knowledge and discover some interesting facts about the relationship between money and happiness. 

Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle is another brilliant book for kids. Once again Alinka Rutkowska shows us that teaching kids about important stuff does not have to be hard for you or boring for kids. Alinka has mastered the art of breaking down big topics and getting them to the level that kids will understand and love. Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle is just one more example of the writer's amazing skill. It is never too early for kids to start learning about money and its relationship to happiness, and this book is a fun way to get them started. Once again, Alinka helps kids discover what is really important in life and this time they learn that having a lot of money does not necessarily mean being happy. Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle is yet another winner by Alinka Rutkowska and kids will love it.

Rating 5.0 stars.

Faridah Nassozi, Readers' Favorite

Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle is a children's storybook written by Alinka Rutkowska and illustrated by Konrad Checinski. Maya and Filippo live on a cruise ship with their mother and father. They travel around the world and see many sights. This time, they've sailed to the port of Seattle, Washington. The two adventurous kids are taking a bus tour of Seattle. They visit Pike's Market Place, where they speak with some of the merchants who are selling food there. The fishmongers are not very busy, so they are throwing their fish at each other. Maya and Filippo were told by the tour bus driver that the sellers made more money selling directly to the public, and they ask the fishmongers if this is true. The fishmongers tell them that business is slow, but they're having a good time anyway. The tour then goes to the Space Needle. The kids go up to the top and see the beautiful sights and then have lunch with a rich but unhappy man, who says he has no time. When they get back to the ship, they realize that their father is very happy as the captain of their ship.

Alinka Rutkowska's children's book, Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle, gives kids a tour of the natural wonders of the Seattle area as well as the tourist sights. It also discusses the kinds of work people do, and what makes people enjoy their work. Important jobs don't necessarily mean the people who do them are happy. Konrad Checinski's illustration are fun and bring the story to life. As with the other Maya & Filippo stories, the adventures they have are great opportunities for them and young readers to learn about the world and life. Adults will often find a few new facts in these books as well. They're both fun and educational. Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle is no exception and is highly recommended.

Rating 5.0 stars.

Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite

Maya and Filippo, those two siblings and best friends that tour the world in their cruise ship with their parents and pet cat, Otello, are off on a new adventure in Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle, by Alinka Rutkowska. When the children view Seattle from aboard the Fun Princess, they find skyscrapers, the Space Needle, and Mount Rainier, all rendered wonderfully by the illustrator, Konrad Checinski. Once their feet reach terra firma, the children tour the city. There they visit the market, where fruits and vegetables are traded and where they learn that vendors sell their goods there, rather than through a middleman, so as to earn more for themselves. Then the children visit the Space Needle. Along the way, they learn that the guide is frustrated with not earning enough money, though he is a busy man. Finally, they meet the owner of a building they can see from the Space Needle who is very wealthy — he just doesn’t have time to spend his money. 

Alinka Rutkowska has delivered in Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle another helpful life lesson for young people. This time they learn that it is not how much wealth one has that makes a person happy, though not having enough can certainly make life more difficult. In any case, some people like their simple jobs, while others complain of their “big jobs.” Rutkowska follows the story up with a quiz to test reading comprehension and with facts about Seattle. Young readers are sure to enjoy the journey and delight in Checinski’s quirky illustrations, and parents and teachers will appreciate the helpful lesson guides provided. All aboard for a great adventure, young readers!

Rating 5.0 stars.

Patricia Reding, Readers' Favorite

Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle by Alinka Rutkowska is a charming children’s story about two young travelers (the Maya and Filippo of the title) who live with their parents on a cruise ship which, for the duration of this story, is docked in Seattle. As the children tour Seattle and learn about its various sights and attractions, they meet and talk with people from all walks of life and learn about the jobs they do and how they feel about the various ways in which they make their living. The Space Needle, Mount Ranier, and the Pike Place Fish Market are all featured prominently as the informative backdrop for Maya and Filippo’s Seattle adventure and there is even a little quiz at the end to add a bit of learning to the fun.

Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle is delightfully illustrated by Konrad Checinski, with bold and colorful strokes resembling a child’s art. The overall effect of the text and illustrations taken together is buoyant, cheerful, and inviting. There is a gentle moral message, too: as the children learn about the various jobs that people in Seattle do and their feelings about those jobs, they come to the realization that what really matters is to be happy in the job you’re in. Their father, captain of the ship on which Maya and Filippo live, turns out to be the hero at the end of the day because he loves his job and approaches his work with genuine enthusiasm. 

Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle is one of a series of children’s books by Alinka Rutkowska; each one featuring a different destination as Maya and Filippo’s cruise ship docks at various ports from Skagway to New Zealand. Maya & Filippo Talk Business in Seattle is a winning blend of fun and education for young readers.

Rich Follett, Readers' Favorite

"Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea"

WINNER of the Mom's Choice Award!

The kids spend a day on board the Fun Princess. They become junior chefs at sea and learn how to bake a cake. Maya and Filippo discover how trying out different recipes gets them closer to creating the perfect dessert. They also discover the power of sharing.

From the front cover to the last page, children will delight in the almost childlike and always colorful and quirky illustrations that accompany Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea by Alinka Rutkowska. This tale is another in the series of Maya & Filippo, stories that tell of siblings who live on a beautiful cruise ship with their parents and their cat, Otello. On board, Maya and Filippo travel the world, discovering new places and “how things work.” 

In Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea, Maya and Filippo, while crossing the Tasman Sea, decide to join the ship’s chef and a group of other children to make cakes. The fun begins as they crack eggs, pour milk, sift flour, and add their own special ingredients. The point of the exercise, Maya points out to another of the traveling children, is to have fun and to try something new. Along the way, Maya and Filippo learn that when they cooperate and communicate with one another, they may both accomplish all they desire, rather than only half.

The story of Maya and Filippo will excite the imagination of children who might wonder what it would be like to live at sea. Alinka Rutkowska takes children on just such a journey, providing them with some basic geographic information (about where lies the Tasman Sea), some good advice about working in a kitchen (wash your hands first!) and a valuable lesson about cooperation and communication. 

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Patricia Reding, Readers' Favorite

In another colorful pop-up children’s book, Maya and Filippo Play Chef at Sea, Alinka Rutkowska demonstrates how children can have fun while she teaches a valuable lesson. Sister and brother, Maya and Filippo, live on a cruise ship that is now traveling from Auckland to Hobart. During the day, the ship’s pastry chef occupies the children with an opportunity to experiment and bake cakes using a variety of ingredients. Maya shares her wisdom with another child who isn’t interested in the process at first, but he soon discovers that the journey is part of the overall goal – his efforts at baking the cake enhance his reaction to the finished product. Maya and Filippo also learn the importance of communication and sharing when they are forced to split an orange, only to discover that Maya simply wanted the peel for her recipe while Filippo wanted to eat the fruit.

Numerous unspoken lessons that children can assimilate without direct instruction are presented in Maya and Filippo Play Chef at Sea. Experience is the best teacher and Maya and Filippo share their experiences with the reader so that the lessons they learn are simultaneously transmitted. With only limited input from adults, Maya and her brother, Filippo, are free to work out solutions to their issues and children can easily relate to their interactions. Just as with her other stories, Alinka Rutkowska has created a tale that will appeal to children, teaches about choices, and encourages communication and sharing. With whimsical illustrations by Konrad Checinski, Maya and Filippo Play Chef at Sea is a great opportunity to share precious time with a child and provide a subtle message as well.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Melinda Hills, Readers' Favorite

Maya and Filippo are a pair of jet-setting kids who travel the world with their parents and their cat, Otello. They live on a massive ship, which you think would get boring, but not for Maya and Filippo! These kids know how to get their hands dirty, in the kitchen that is. They learn how to bake cakes, and all sorts of other treats. 

One great thing about the Maya and Filippo books is that each story is fun, but there are some quickly slipped in lessons so that your own children are learning right along with the kids too. Kitchen safety, healthy snacking, washing your hands, and sharing are all very important lessons that can be taken from this book and applied to your own real life cooking with kids experience. Next time you try to bake, have the kids help out like Maya and Filippo. 

I loved Maya and Filippo's first adventure, so I was thrilled to find another book in the series and I snapped it up right away. The concept of having children travel the world is by no means unique, yet Alinka Rutkowska writes with such heart and joy that Maya and Filippo's adventures make them stand out from the crowd and really excel at what counts, entertaining children. The cute pictures, paired with a fun and interesting story, is sure to delight kids and encourage traveling. What a way to get out of your own town and explore the world. A very fun book indeed.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Katelyn Hensel, Readers' Favorite

Maya and Filippo are traveling the world with their family on a cruse ship called "Fun Princess" and this time they will be entertaining on board as they become Junior Chefs at sea. The siblings will be making a cake, along with others their age. While fulfilling their duties as Junior Chef, Maya and Filippo and the gang learned several valuable lessons that will not only help them as cooks,but throughout life. This pair had the opportunity to learn about communicating and sharing as well as learning the importance of making the right choices. Will Maya and Filippo make the right choices? Will other boys and girls in their class show how to share while working together?

Maya and Filippo Play Chef at Sea is another adorable book by Alinka Rutkowska with the characters Maya and Filippo and their family. I enjoyed reading more from this author, and in this book it was fun to read about the kids trying their baking skills and making their own cake. The sweet story is well written and will make any child feel loved and accepted. And I love the unique and adorable illustrations throughout the book. I always enjoy illustrations that tell their own story, and those in this book tell their own story so well! The colors are pleasant to the eye and the overall story and book will surely make a hit on the shelves of many bookstores. I highly recommend Maya and Filippo by Alinka Rutkowska and I really think your child will love it as much as I do!

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Joy Hannabass, Readers' Favorite

As a part of the series of adventures of Maya and Filippo at sea, the siblings embark upon another wonderful adventure from New Zealand to Tasmania on their cruise ship “Fun Princess.” Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea is written by Alinka Rutkowska and illustrated by Konrad Checinski. While they are on their trip, they decide that they want to make a cake with the other kids on board. They put on their aprons and hats and get ready to go to work. Each of the children experiment with the ingredients and with making different kinds of cakes, but as they are cooking, Maya and Filippo do something really silly that is wasteful. The pastry chef who helped them with their cakes threw a party so that everyone on board could sample their creations. However, Maya and Filippo have a very important lesson to learn about communicating with each other. Thanks to their mother, they learn a valuable lesson about sharing and communicating. 

This is a book full of fun with a couple of simple lessons built into the story. While the two lessons are very simple ones, they are very good ones for children to learn. Alinka Rutkowska and Konrad Checinski have combined to create a colorful and adventurous children’s story which explores different experiences that appeal to children. Colorful, fun and educational; Maya & Filippo Play Chef at Sea is an excellent addition to the Fun Princess series.

Bil Howard, Readers' Favorite

"Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier"

5 STARS from Readers' Favorite Book Reviews!

The ship takes the kids to Juneau. Maya and Filippo see Mendenhall Glacier and learn about melting ice, bears, fish and flowers. They discover how feeling grateful brings wonderful things into their lives and they are in for a big surprise!

In Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier by Alinka Rutkowska, Maya and Filippo and their parents, plus their cat Otello, set off on another adventure aboard their beautiful cruise ship called the Fun Princess. This time the ship docks in Juneau, a port in Alaska. While they were on the ship, the guide told them about a big glacier in Juneau and they are very excited to see it. Immediately the ship docked, they set off with the guide to see the frozen river. While on the exciting tour, the kids learn about climate change and changing of the seasons and they also learn more about the characteristics of bears and beautiful exotic flowers. The kids remember to be thankful for the food they always have on the ship and are treated to a very wonderful surprise. 

Alinka Rutkowska is back with yet another exciting storybook in the Maya & Filippo series with Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier. If you have been searching for an easy and entertaining way to teach your kids about climate change and its effects on different creatures in the wild, look no further. Like all the other books in the Maya & Filippo series, Alinka Rutkowska once again delivers an exciting kids' storybook with amazing facts, adventure, and important lessons. I have always been fascinated by the way Alinka Rutkowska takes such big subjects and breaks them down in a way that makes it very easy for kids to understand. This colorfully illustrated book will be a good way to teach your kids about climate change and being grateful, and will even help them add some new words to their vocabulary.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Faridah Nassozi, Readers' Favorite

Two young children, fascinated by the world around them, engage in another adventure in "Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier" by Alinka Rutkowska. Living on board a cruise ship with their parents and curious cat, Otello, they dock in Juneau, Alaska. Excited to see a glacier, Maya and Filippo set out with their guide. Along the way, they learn about Mendenhall Glacier and the creeks and dry land created when ice melts, where bears and salmon make their homes. The young adventurers discover a bear that is preparing to lunch and learn about them and about how they hibernate. Finally, they discover a fireweed, a flower used to predict the coming of summer and later, of fall. All in all, a happy, fun and educational day for Maya and Filippo also becomes one for young readers.

Alinka Rutkowska offers children a unique way to visit various ports of the world, the latest is "Maya and Filippo Visit a Glacier". Accompanied by Konrad Checinski’s colorful and creative artwork, children will happily turn pages and are sure to revisit the tale time and again. Parents and teachers will find the quiz at the end of the book helpful for measuring understanding and comprehension. Finally, the “Did You Know?” facts at the end provide further details about bears, the differences between them, and the koalas that Maya and Filippo discovered in Australia on one of their previous adventures, and further facts about the City of Juneau and the State of Alaska. One of a set of Maya and Filippo adventures, the entire series is sure to delight. Rating: 5.0 stars. 

Patricia Reding, Readers' Favorite

Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier is a children's nonfiction book written by Alinka Rutkowska and illustrated by Konrad Checinski. Maya and Filippo have lives filled with adventures as they sail aboard a cruise ship with their parents. The ship has just sailed into Juneau, a port city in Alaska. Maya and Filippo are going on a tour of the city. They're very excited about the fact that they'll be seeing Mendenhall Glacier, which the tour guide explains is a frozen river of ice. The guide also discusses how the climate is getting warmer and the effects that is having on the glacier, the land, and the local animals. They also get to see a mother bear with her cubs and learn about hibernation.

Alinka Rutkowska's nonfiction children's book, Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier, will entertain children and adults alike as the two adventurous kids tour Juneau, Alaska, and see the glacier there. This author's books make learning geography fun and exciting. Illustrator Konrad Checinski's work is cheerful and brightly colored. While I did have some qualms about the tour guide telling the children not to worry about the warming climate and its effects on nature, the author had her text approved by an Alaskan naturalist. There's also interesting information about fireweed, a native Alaskan plant that signals the change of seasons. Rutkowska also includes a short quiz at the back of this book, as well as information on Alaska and the hibernation cycles of bears. Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier is a fine example of educational adventure-writing for children and is highly recommended.

Rating: 5.0 stars.

Jack Magnus, Readers' Favorite

Maya and Filippo Visit a Glacier by Alinka Rutkowska is about the adventures of a brother and sister. They live aboard a cruise ship with their parents and their cat. The cruise ship is called The Fun Princess and they stop at many places all around the world. This time they stop at Alaska where a guide tells them all about glaciers and how climate change can alter things. Glaciers melt when the temperature rises and the water forms small creeks and rivers. They discuss how salmon and other creatures can live in the small rivers and that salmon is a bear's favourite food. The book then examines bears and their different colours and varieties. The children discover how bears sleep during winter and wake up in summer. This is also when some flowers bloom and change colors and the brother and sister are amazed. 

Alinka Rutkowska delivers an interesting book in Maya and Filippo Visit a Glacier. I liked this book as it was fun as well as educational. The fact that the family actually live on board a cruise ship is unique. The author writes in a way that will capture the attention of a child right from the beginning of the story. Parents will also be impressed because of the educational factor. I especially liked the illustrations which were bright and colourful. At the end of the story there is a quiz about the things covered in the book which I thought was an excellent idea. Overall, I would recommend this book not just for the story but for the fun and educational factor as well.

Lisa Jones, Readers' Favorite

Alinka Rutkowska’s adventurous characters Maya and Filippo have once again boarded their seaworthy home, the cruise ship named Fun Princess, to travel to a new and exciting location. Readers can travel along with them to Juneau, Alaska by picking up a copy of Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier. Join these curious kids as they look upon the beauty of the Mendenhall Glacier, gaze upon the native wildlife of bears and salmon, and feast upon local cuisine. The world is full of exciting destinations and Maya and Filippo invite you to come along on the trip with them. 

Alinka Rutkowska’s books foster a desire to learn about the world and share the many wonders that it has to offer. The illustrations inside are vibrant and whimsical with a childlike quality that young readers can relate to. Maya and Filippo are excited about the world they live in and this exuberance can be infectious. With Rutkowska’s collection, children will be encouraged to view the earth with wide-eyed wonder. In Maya & Filippo Visit a Glacier, the author shows children the importance of being thankful for the blessings they have in this world. Whether it is food on the table or a lovely landscape to look upon, our planet has much to offer and be thankful for. This is a reminder that both adults and children alike can learn from. This book is informative and fun at the same time, and this selection from the author’s series hints at more fun about the Fun Princess. I’m curious to see what other places these travelers and Alinka Rutkowska will visit.

Tania Staley, Readers' Favorite

But wait! That's not all! You also get a BONUS!

"Whale Watching Coloring Book"

An excellent companion for "Maya & Filippo Look for Whales"!

Let your child become the illustrator and color the book! See if they remember the story from "Maya & Filippo Look for Whales" and can tell it by only looking at the pictures they colored!

This “whale watching” coloring book by Alinka Rutkowska gives toddlers and small kids alike the chance to freely express themselves as they choose which colors they want each picture in the book to have. It’s great to encourage creativity in small kids so that their minds will be stimulated and their egos will be enhanced. They deserve to feel good about themselves; and coloring books like this one which allow for creativity are just the ticket! Of course, young kids will also learn a few new words for different colors as they enjoy themselves coloring in the pictures and that’s grand.

I should also note that this coloring book has the equivalent of just the outlines, the blank drawings by Konrad Checinski who illustrated Alinka Rutkowska’s recent children’s book release entitled Maya & Filippo Look for Whales.

I highly recommend this coloring book for just about any child who likes to color using crayons, coloring pencils and the like. Toddlers and small kids will be delighted by this book! Rating: 5 stars.

Matthew G. Sherwin, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

Alinka Rutkowska writes the "Maya & Filippo" Book Series for Children - travel books for kids with a positive attitude. She takes inspiration from her own travels while cruising with her husband and daughter around the world. She is positive, appreciative and happy 95% of the time and during the miserable 5% she thinks to herself quickly: "things always work out for me" and they do. As with her previous books she engages the assistance of Konrad Checinski as her skillful illustrator.

As her previous readers will know Maya and Filippo are sibling AND best friends and this time their world adventures take them to Alaska where they hope to see whales. They leave their ship, the Fun Princess, go a tour by bus. They visit the Totem Pole Park and see the totem poles and learn about Alaskan Indian culture and all the myths and stories about the people who built the totems - especially about the Salmon Chief and his adventures. The visit Creek Street, by the water, and watch the salmon swimming upstream. Maya still dreams of seeing a whale, and at tour bus end she and Filippo board the Fun Princess and suddenly there appears a big humpback whale right by their boat. So the adventure has offered everything they expected and more.

This is the coloring book that accompanies the Maya and Filippo's Whale Watching with the story repeated, only this time with line drawings so that children can re-live the adventure and color from memory (or from referencing their book) their own version of Maya and Filippo Looking for Whales. A fun combination of listening and acting out! Rating: 5 stars.

Grady Harp, Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer

This is a fun companion to “Maya & Filippo Look for Whales,” which I describe in my review of that book. This companion volume is a coloring book that does not have the colors and story language that is in the original. Children will enjoy coloring this book because its pictures are different than those in other coloring books. By coloring the pages they will see the scenes better, understand the story better, and perhaps give the story their own interpretation. They might even color it first without looking at the story in the other book and then compare their work with what was done by the book’s illustrator. Older children might even want to add their own story at the bottom of the pages they color. Rating: 5 stars.

Israel Drazin, Amazon Vine Voice

My granddaughter, who is four, and I just finished coloring a Sophia the Princess coloring book. She will be very excited to color this Whale Watching Coloring Book.

Alinka Rutkowska has written a series of books that follows Maya and Filippo, who live with their parents on a cruise ship, The Sun Princess. At each stop Maya and Filippo get off and explore the area. The latest book is about their adventures in Alaska and in the city of Ketchikan. Beside exploring the city, they were lucky enough to go on a Whale Hunting a Ship. Their adventures on board this ship is displayed in this coloring book. What fun your children will have coloring all the adventures they experienced in the book. Konrad Checinski has provided the illustrations in the book and in the coloring book.

Most children love to color. Using their imagination with different colors, and with the crayons and coloring pencils now available,many color you can think of can be displayed in a coloring book. What fun! Rating: 5 stars.

Pris Rob, Amazon Vine Voice

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