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Why pay $13.95 when you can get it for free here! (Only for authors who wish to subscribe to Alinka's mailing list and receive weekly tips on book marketing.)


Amazingly astute! Very informative, tells you right where to go and who to see to get your books sold.

- Christi J. Hubbard

This book is excellent. Packed with great information which can be put to use immediately. In fact, there's so much useful information, it will take me a while to implement it.

- Judi Moreo

I spent days to try to understand how to market and promote my first book, until i found "HOW I SOLD 80,000 BOOKS".

- Lilly B.

This book offers some really great tips for new or seasoned authors. I can't wait to implement some of these practices in my book business. Warning though...it is A LOT to take in! 🙂

- Becky W.

This book was very informative. Gave terrific ideas on how to market a book - both e-books and paper books. Highly recommended.

- Neil Greenbaum

This is a great book. It's full of useful information. I highly recommend it.

- Jerry Minchey

Very detailed and in-depth as I am walked through the "4p's" of self publishing. Easy to understand and follow and even better, her methods are doable.

- YedteD

The best book for self-published writers I've read.

- Desiree Tamargo

Great resource for anyone looking to self publish. Alinka gives you a lot of resources, from her experience and beyond. Great read for authors looking to publish anytime soon.


I'm in the process of self-publishing a second novel, and I found 'How I Sold 80,000 books' really informative, clear, witty and full of concise realistic information. I loved the clarity of Alinka Rutkowska's book, with it's relevant links to sites and extra information throughout.

- Amanda Atkins

The author provides sound advice. What I like most about this book (unlike so many other books on this subject) is that it is not filled with rehashed strategies and marketing tactics that don't work.

- SouthernLadyWriter

This book is awesome. It is a budding author's treasure. Practical and useable material. I highly recommend it.

- Sheldon D. Newton

This is a good, comprehensive resource on book marketing for authors. This should be on your "must read" list if you have or are considering publishing a book. Rutkowska' no-nonsense, step-by-step approach will set you on the path toward success as an author. I highly recommend this as a resource and will certainly keep it as a reference in the days ahead.

- Author of LYCCYX

There is a lot of good information in this book. It is easy to read and understand. For a beginning author it is a treasure trove of information.

- Valerie Lull, author, Ten Healthy Teas

The best reference for online book marketing. It provides information that is missing in similar publications.

- argyle4087

Amazing Marketing Tool. I was amazed at all the marketing tools in this quick read. There are things in there I don't think I would have ever considered. Now it's time to put them into action.

- Tracy Pink

The writer is more than an author. She is an entrepreneur. She looks at the business of self publishing. Coming from that perspective she gives advice based on an author wanting to become a professional not just an indie author. There is a difference. The principles she teaches are timeless and make good business sense. This is the book you should read and follow but don't want to because it is work. Let's be honest success takes work. The advice she gives would and could change an author's success rates. Implement and see success.

- Ericka K Thompson

What I loved best about 80K Books is the straightforward discussion of setting up your book for success. The author provides exactly what she does to earn thousands of orders of her own books. The plan is one that can easily be implemented for authors of any genre. I appreciated the ease of applying the information - there was not a lot of filler to sift through, which made it easy to grab what I needed and get back to promoting my own books. Highly recommended - easily one of my favorite books on Kindle promotion.

- Suzanne

This book is a handy little guide for all authors. The author shares her own experiences with methods she used herself to get her own work noticed. The book is written as though the author speaks to us personally, with a friendly and personable voice. Her information is invaluable, and her strategies for marketing are right on the mark. I'd suggest every author who is looking for some good marketing ideas to take advantage of this book and keep it for a handy reference guide.

- D.G. Kaye

Great information. Wish I'd had this before my first published novel.

- Drafty Spots

The author gave significant insights into a multiple ways to help authors sell more books . Her real-life examples and personal insights were understandable and can easily be placed into action.

- Keith D. Maderer

Glad I took the time to read and underline this book. Lots of good ideas and advice for authors of fiction too.

- N. Goodman

Often when I see this type of title, I am skeptical on whether the information contained inside will actually be beneficial. I have to say this was. Although the book just gave hints of things in the beginning, the author slowly built her case and method for book creation, crafting, promotion, reviews and more. She kept giving and I must give her 5 stars! Thanks for putting this together and making it available!

- Live Laugh Love

I definitely appreciate publishing advice from a SUCCESSFUL author! This book is a gem and I wish I'd read it last year. I'm re-reading it right now, as we speak:)

- karidsg

I think the book is brilliant. The book may be short (relatively speaking) but it is Jam-packed with practical ideas to promote your book and increase your sales. Author is practically giving away book selling secrets for free! Must-read for all authors - new, established, and esp. those going the self-published route.

- Anupama