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Get rid of those blank Amazon pages and turn them into a source of reviews from your most passionate readers.

Colby R. Rice, Urban fantasy and dystopian sci-fi author

A whopping FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS for Alinka’s “Goodreads Cracked” course! With her clear step-by-step instructions, bite-sized yet jam-packed videos, quality information, and in-depth case studies, she has hacked all the secrets of Goodreads and has helped me to bring my author brand completely to the next level. They should call her the “Gandalf of Goodreads”! Now that I know about the inner workings and ninja-level techniques of classily and *elegantly* connecting with my readership, I feel completely equipped to increase the number of reviews and engagement across all my books. Thanks so much, Alinka! You should be charging way more for this course!

Colby R. Rice, Urban fantasy and dystopian sci-fi author

You’ve got a good book. You might have even won some awards. But you can’t seem to get those customer reviews.

Face it. Having a book with no reviews sucks. A lot.

Time and time again, you look at your book’s page and you feel disappointment. How often do you find yourself...

  • Running another free promotion hoping that the reviews will finally come in and not getting any results.
  • Paying hundreds of dollars for a review service to find out that it attracts no real readers.
  • Doing expensive blog tours hoping to finally get those reviews only to discover that the company did not deliver.

A few simple tweaks to your approach will soon get you not only real readers reviewing your books but also loyal fans.

Dear Frustrated Author,

Hey there, Alinka Rutkowska here and yes, I know exactly how you’re feeling.

These days I’ve had a lot of success getting reviews on amazon. These have helped get my books to #1 Amazon Hot New Release and #1 Amazon Best Seller.

But things didn’t start out this way.

When I launched my first book I realized that less than 1% of the people who bought it would leave a review.

I scheduled free amazon days and paid to create buzz only to find out that yes people did download but still, less than 1% would leave a review.

Of course you know all about it.

How often do you find yourself:

  • Thinking that your book isn’t that good after all?
  • Wondering if you’re ever going to make it as an author?
  • Concluding that you’re just not as lucky as the other authors in your genre?

For a while I had the same thoughts.

But persistence paid off.

I read that Goodreads is the place to be for every author. I had no idea how to use it and how it would benefit me but I spent countless hours exploring the site and I finally cracked the code.

I learnt how I can get great quality reviews and real readers from Goodreads. And after weeks of testing, I mastered the process down to a science.

Now I get new Amazon reviews for my books every day. And whenever I launch a new book, I get a review avalanche from my current readers and all I have to do is send them a few emails.

100 Review Launch.

Here's a screenshot from my latest launch - I received 100 reviews within 72 hours of launch day!

But you don't have to take my word for it.

Rick DeStefanis, Award-Winning Author

Goodreads Cracked is a detailed on-line video lesson by Alinka Rutkowska for authors wishing to market their books on Goodreads. The information and insight provided by Alinka is presented in a clear and understandable manner, which will enable anyone with basic Goodread skills to establish a system to obtain reviews, build an email list and draw attention to a personal website. Once the initial work is completed, this marketing system requires less than thirty minutes a day to maintain. I strongly recommend Goodreads Cracked to any author wishing to market a book and build readership.

Rick DeStefanis, Award-Winning Author
Wayne Clark, Award-Wining Author

Goodreads Cracked revealed more than a few things I had been unaware of and will put to use. One thing I particularly liked was the tutorial on how you can get readers to subscribe to your mailing list. I was surprised to realize that I already have the necessary tools lying around and just didn’t know how to put them to good use. I’m glad I learned how to use a promotional technique that I previously thought was denied to me. I also appreciated Alinka going into detail about how to set up your mailing list. I’d never heard of some of these tools before. I also intend to explore the idea for getting more reviews on Goodreads. Glad I made the purchase.

Wayne Clark, Award-Wining Author
Kristine Tauch, Children's Author

Alinka Rutkowska is a great entrepreneur. In “Goodreads Cracked” she leads you through the steps of building a list of loyal readers and reviewers straight from Goodreads. Her direct and fast way of explaining make you understand quickly and pick up how to “do it yourself” straight away (without losing time). Alinka was very responsive to my questions and quickly came up with suggestions that helped me move forward immediately. I can warmly recommend Alinka Rutkowska to anyone who likes straight-to-the-point and customer-friendly assistance.

Kristine Tauch, Children's Author
Author Linda Harris Sittig

Dear Alinka, Thank goodness I found you through the blog Random Writing Rants! I had been a Goodreads member for a year and still couldn’t figure out how to successfully navigate through the system. Your tutorials were so easy to follow and easy to re-play that I got my first reviewer within hours of following your instructions.

Author Linda Harris Sittig
Leyla Atke, Award-Winning Author

I am glad for the purchase of Goodreads Cracked course made by Alinka Rutkowska. It helped me to understand how to get free reviews from Goodreads insted of paying for them. The course is short and to the point. With hard work and patience you can get the desired results. The Amazon page for my award-winning book “Charm: An Amazing Story of a Little Black Cat” speaks for itself.

Leyla Atke, Award-Winning Author
Joyce Mitchell, Children’s Author

Alinka Rutkowska has put together some of the best tools available for an author to market their books and to learn the “flow” of sales. I purchased “Goodreads Cracked” and “100 Review Book Launch” courses from Alinka and found them both to be very helpful. They opened up many avenues that I had not used. I highly recommend her work!

Joyce Mitchell, Children’s Author
R.Scott Mackey, Author

I purchased a copy of “Goodreads Cracked” and watched the videos in one sitting. I found there to be a lot of useful information. I particularly liked her advice for creating a Launch Team. She provides a step-by-step method for each and every step of the process. I plan to use it when I release my next book this fall.

R.Scott Mackey, Author

“Goodreads Cracked” holds information for people of all skill levels, and is mostly made up of strategies Alinka used to market her brand. Overall a very useful reference resource. If you’re struggling with Goodreads, and looking for help on how to optimize your experience there, this is a good program.

Riley Amos
Julie Watson, Author

I loved “Goodreads Cracked”! I had joined Goodreads but was signed up as a reader and had no idea how it all worked so thank you for that. I am now a Goodreads author and am getting to know what benefits there are for me. I am now looking at getting more reviews as well.

Julie Watson, Author
Jennifer Ball

Alinka Rutkowska is such a God send when it comes to authors, especially new ones.  She’s taken all of her experiences as an author from the beginning with the struggles until now as an Award Winning Author with all the strategies that helped get her there, and she’s put it all in tutorials for us.  Her “Goodreads Cracked Course” is ideal for every author, whether you’re new or have multiple books published.  Goodreads is a great site, but can be quite complex to figure out just how to use it to your benefit as an author.  Her “100 Book Review Launch” has several great ideas so you can tailor what works best for your book, as well as she walks you through each step so you can see it played out visually.  In addition, Alinka is compassionate for all authors and makes herself accessible.

Jennifer Ball amazon
MaryLee MacDonald

“Goodreads Cracked” showed me the difference between a Reader’s Profile and an Author Page. Even more valuable, the course shows how to find reviewers for my next book, even before it comes out. A real value!

MaryLee MacDonald
Leyla Brown

Alinka is a genius! Her methods are simple but effective – I haven’t yet used it for my own account yet, but so far the results on a client’s account have been nothing but positive. I’m excited to put her methods to work for my own books in the near future and propel my book out of obscurity.

Leyla Brown
 Rob Guy, author of Harry Watt Bounty Hunter

I have to say that watching Alinka’s Goodreads Cracked has opened my eyes to the true potential of Goodreads. I had no idea how powerful it is and thanks to what I have seen in Goodreads Cracked I am in the process of putting it into practice. Alinka made it very easy to understand, very concise and informative. I have always been reluctant with giveaways, but the way Alinka describes the process, it just makes sense! Thank you Alinka for providing such a useful tool, and one I can refer to in the future.

Rob Guy, author of Harry Watt Bounty Hunter
Mary T Kincaid

Goodreads has been such a mystery to me. As authors we are flooded with options for building our platform. It is confusing and time consuming. Goodreads had never impressed me as a productive tool, but now Alinka has shown me the way to use it I will get busy and make it very useful in my marketing. I write for children and it is difficult to know how to reach an audience when you know that children do not have access to your books. Thank you for giving me the basics and the confidence I need to use this tool.

Mary T Kincaid
Ramman Turner

Your information in Goodreads Cracked was incredibly helpful! Alinka’s straight-forward and easy to follow guide was just what I needed to get my book – War of Self: The 7 Weapons of Self-Mastery on the Goodreads radar. I’m very excited to see how all this back-end work pays off going forward. Thanks for the awesome course!

Ramman Turner
Marc Reklau

Goodreads was always quite overwhelming for me. I got my profile up there and did some giveaways, but that’s about it. Thanks to Alinka I finally cracked Goodreads. This is an excellent training for an excellent price. I’m happy I invested in it. It got me to a whole new level on Goodreads and there are still some tricks Alinka teaches that I didn’t even apply yet. Thank you so much.

Marc Reklau

I just couldn't keep it a secret any longer.

I was getting excellent results. Finally the hard work was paying off. Building a reputation I could be proud of, getting plenty of positive feedback, receiving letters from fans asking for more books.

But there was still one thing left to do. I couldn’t keep all of this to myself. The fact is, I know there’s a ton of people just like you. You work way too hard and you’re capable of more.

That’s why I’m about to give you an inside look.



Get an avalanche of reviews from real readers for free AND build your mailing list at the same time!

Goodreads Cracked is an easy to digest video walk through. You’ll get a first hand look at the entire process, start to finish.

From finding the “perfect” readers (you know...the ones who give you great reviews and can’t wait for your new releases) to creating that mailing list you know every author must have.

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside:

  • Your Goodreads Profile Secretly Tweaked.

You will learn how to tweak your Goodreads profile so that visitors to your page will turn into readers and reviewers.

  • Two Secret Strategies to Getting Reviews.

I will reveal two very effective strategies that will show you how to get new reviews daily.

  • Mailing List Building Tutorial.

You've heard countless times that every author needs a mailing list but you didn't know how to set it up and where to get your subscribers from? I take you through every step of the process.

  • The Perfect Giveaway.

Anyone can run a giveaway but how do you offer just one copy and get an avalanche of reviews? I show you the secret step by step.

"Wow, Alinka, this sounds amazing! But what's the catch?"

Like I said before, I’ve been in your shoes. And let’s be honest. Scrambling for reviews is no fun. Neither is dealing with yet another book launch with no readers waiting for it.

This method will turn all of that around. Making it easy for you to get an avalanche of reviews for your current and upcoming books.

That said, the time I invested perfecting this method makes it easy to charge well over $197 to get inside.

But I didn’t create this for people who are already making a ton of money. I put this together for you. Someone who works hard and just needs a leg up.

So I won’t charge you anywhere near $197. In fact, I’m even going to sweeten the deal.

When you secure your copy today, you'll also receive two FREE bonuses!

To make sure you’ve got everything you need to get started, you’ll also get instant access to these bonuses - completely FREE!

  • Bonus 1 - Creating an E-book Giveaway on Goodreads.

Goodreads giveaways are only for paper books but I’ve discovered a way in which you can also give away your e-books and gain new readers and reviewers this way!

  • Bonus 2 - The Perfect Book Launch.

Forget about launch day being yet another usual day. I will show you my sequence to creating plenty of buzz for your upcoming launch, so that the day you release our book, you will also receive an avalanche of free reviews.

"Yes, I'm ready to get started! How much?"

When I told my peers I was releasing this training, they thought I was nuts for letting it go for less than $197.

I mean, this is weeks of grueling trial and error. And if you try and figure this out yourself, you’d lose out on a ton of time (with no guarantee of success!).

The only other way to get in on this is to join my one-to-one coaching. Which at $100/hour could easily run up a hefty bill.

Like I said before, I’m not doing this for people with a ton of money. I want to help you jumpstart your author career. Hey, all that hard work shouldn’t be for nothing!

So for getting in on Goodreads Cracked today, you’ll get:

  • Your Goodreads Profile Secretly Tweaked (Value: $37)
  • Two Secret Strategies to Getting Reviews (Value: $37)
  • Mailing List Building Tutorial (Value: $37)
  • The Perfect Giveaway (Value: $37)
  • Bonus 1 - Creating an E-book Giveaway on Goodreads (Value: $37)
  • Bonus 2 - The Perfect Book Launch (Value: $37)

That's a $222 value for ONLY... $19.99!

Goodreads Cracked

Hurry! I am raising the price to $37 as soon as 100 trainings have been sold out!

But to make your decision even easier:


I’m ready to prove everything I claim. Get “Goodreads Cracked” right now, and test it for yourself within the next 30 DAYS. If the product does not live up to the claims stated here, and you don’t get any reviews or subscribers using the strategies presented, I’ll give every penny back to you. No hassles and we can part as friends. 100% Money-Back Guaranteed.

You won’t find an easier way to get reviews. Trust me. I’ve made more mistakes than I care to recall.

I’d like to thank you for reading this letter, and let you know how excited I am for you to take this next step. Not only will you have long list of very passionate readers, you’ll soon feel a huge weight lifted when the headache disappears and your reviews exceed your expectations.

See you on the inside,


P.S. You’re working way too hard for the headache you’re having right now. Without this training in your toolkit, things will only stay the same. Start getting the recognition you deserve and invest in your future. Click on the buy button above now.