Would you like an experienced best-selling  and award-winning author to take you by the hand and show you what to do get your book on a best-selling list?

Look no further. I publish both fiction and non-fiction, for adults and children, paperback and digital.

I've had my books on best-selling lists for years.

At the beginning I used to post "buy my book" messages on every Facebook page and forum I could find but that's for amateurs.

Since then I've spent tens of thousands of dollars on book marketing and promotion. I've learnt what works and what doesn't.

Now that I've figured it out I'm happy to share it with you.

There are millions of readers on the planet and I don't think that I'm taking anything away from myself by sharing this with you. The pie is huge.

If you're on my mailing lists you get a ton of valuable tips every week. You know that I'm all about meaningful content and no BS.

The coaching I put together is all content and all action. You will be able to implement this stuff immediately. Let me show you how marketing pros do it.

What are my qualifications?

  • I'm an award-winning author of over a dozen of books.
  • I'm a #1 Amazon best-selling author.
  • I've been featured at International Book Fairs.
  • I've sold foreign rights.
  • I've been featured on Fox News.
  • I've arranged numerous book signings, including on cruise ships!
  • I've got together hundreds of award-winning authors to form a unique closed Facebook group.
  • I've successfully funded an almost $10,000 crowdfunding campaign.
  • I've been recruited by a top-notch marketer to provide high quality trainings.
  • I've worked my magic to get you to click through to my website. Now I can work my magic to position you as a leading author in your genre.

Power coaching with me will save you months if not years of frustration. I'll tell you what works and I'll help you set everything up so that you're headed straight for success.

Coaching topics include:

  • Amazon - hot to maximize your chance of hitting the best-seller list.
  • Kindle Direct Publishing strategies that work.
  • Book Fairs - your best chance of being featured.
  • Book awards - the strategy for spending the least and winning the most.
  • Goodreads - how to use it to find readers and reviewers.
  • Facebook - how to turn regular Facebook users into your fans.
  • Bulk sales - how to sell thousands of books by talking to just one person.
  • Crowdfunding - how to finance your writing career.
  • Creating a mailing list - every author MUST have one.
  • Best strategy to communicate with your fans.
  • Author Websites - how to create one that converts visitors into loyal readers.
  • Honing your craft - what to do to write better books.
  • Keywords - how to find the ones that sell.
  • List-building - how to get a following of raving fans.
  • Copywriting - from your book descriptions to your email marketing
  • And more!

Beran Perry

As an author and editor of 30 books, I was delighted to work with Alinka on how to develop my self publishing business further. Having researched the market for this type of advice very thoroughly I was pleasantly surprised and eventually most impressed with the quality of advice and information she gave and communicated during our session. Alinka really did her homework because she even spotted errors in our websites and our free book systems. I would heartily recommend any self publishing author to ensure that they obtain at least a coaching session and ideally even more services from Alinka …She is the Best!

Beran Perry
Michael Peirce

I’ve been reading and researching how to prosper in this new world of self publishing but it did me a lot of good to talk to someone who has already walked that road.  Or dark alley as it seems sometimes to me…

The coaching session was well worth it to me.  I’m a musician and writer but I’ve never been much at marketing – yet the artistic freedom we have in today’s market demands that I become proficient at marketing to get my products out there to the public. Alinka’s insights have been very helpful.

Michael Peirce
Bryce Bronstein

I loved Alinka’s ideas and guidance and I appreciate her generosity. I am trilled to have received her notes from our coaching session with the links which are awesome. She also sent me keyword search result demonstration. Really helpful.

I accomplished what I intended – to feel encouraged and to think in a forward kind of way! 


Bryce Bronstein
Bob Voermans

If you want support from someone who is on top of everything in the self-publishing world go to Alinka.

For my first book launch I had a lot of questions that I had sent Alinka prior to our call. In just one session Alinka answered all of them and more.

She was well prepared for our call and even after the coaching call she was very supportive. Her advice definitely helped me to launch my book “From Headless Chicken to Golden Goose” to #1 amazon bestseller.

Thanks Alinka!

Bob Voermans
Simonne Holm

Alinka is awesome — a real star, super helpful and a real good coach! 

I’ve worked with her on my book just before my launch and cannot tell you how thankful I am. She just saw what I needed and guided me all they way to a perfect launch. Alinka definately knows her way around Amazon and anything related to promoting a book.

I also joined one of her online programs which is easy to follow and you get everything explained clearly- inf act it feels like she talks to you directly.

Simonne Holm

Go get your readers - get your books discovered!

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