Do you self-publish your books?

Learn how to PROFESSIONALLY self-publish your book by replicating our step-by-step methodology. 

Best-selling & award-winning authors Alinka Rutkowska & Jeanne E. Rogers show you all the steps to publishing a professional title.

Alinka and Jeanne self-published over 20 books, sold over tens of thousands copies and spent tens of thousands dollars on learning the craft of independent publishing. They compiled everything they've learnt (often the hard way) in an easy to digest online training.



Self-publish your way to success!

Here’s what’s inside:

  • Editing Your Manuscript

The three types of editing your books needs, where to find the best editors and how much you should be paying.

  • Optimizing Your Manuscript for Online Sales

Marketing starts well before you hit the "publish" button. The training reveals all the secret pieces your books needs to have so that you can build an author platform and drive the highest volume of sales.

  • Optimizing Your Cover for Online Sales

The secret sauce of an attractive cover and how to get it done.

  • Keywords that Sell Your Book

Amazon and other online retailers are not really books stores - they are search engines. As such you need to know how to choose keywords that will sell you the highest number of copies.

  • Amazon Categories

We show you how to choose the best categories for your book together with a little trick few authors know about.

  • Offset & POD Printers

Everything you need to know about different ways of printing your book together with a list of recommended printers.

  • Digital Platforms & Aggregators

Where and how to upload your digital files.

  • Creating Files for Online Retailers

10 ways you can create your ePub and Mobi files.

  • ISBNs

Everything you need to know about ISBNs.

Diane Mae Robinson, multi-award-winning author

“Professional Self Publishing" is a highly informative training session and just what I needed. I have three traditional published books and was looking for information on how to self publish my fourth book. This training session answered all my questions. Highly recommended.”

Diane Mae Robinson, multi-award-winning author,

"Yes, I'm ready to get started! How much?"

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Professional Self-Publishing

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • q-iconI've already launched my book. Is it too late for me?

    Absolutely not, however you will see for yourself that most probably you will want to change a lot inside your book, including the title, cover, keywords and more so that you get the highest volume of sales possible.

  • q-iconWhat is the format of the course?

    “PROFESSIONAL SELF-PUBLISHING” comes to you in the format of a 40-page pdf and 8 videos.